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Thread: Pretty rifles

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    Pretty rifles

    Does any one know who makes rifles with well figured walnut stocks? It seems the majority of wood used today, rather than 20 years ago seems plain. I know sauer look nice but would prefer to have a rifle that shoots accurately, not just an ornament, as I have heard mixed reports about the 202.

    your thoughts please

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    you can always opt for the higher grade wood, look at some of the grade 8+ blaser stuff. I have seen some beautiful sauer stuff in the past too. You could always bite the bullet and have one made. anyway, surely you wont be getting rid of one of yours?

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    Love them or hate them and depending on how you define well figured I love Mannlicher stocks.

    ​You get what you pay for too. You want pretty wood you will pay a hefty price for it. Good European walnut is a rare commodity at the moment.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder don't forget and what might be well figured to one person might not be to another. It's your choice and your market place to explore...........
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    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    Sauer 202's are deadly accurate and just because someone posted on here that he had trouble it has scared you off. They are however innacurate with some ammunition. Mine hate RWS and Sako but love Federal and Winchester. The woodwork on my "Select" is probably better than most makers top wood.

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    I concur with Red-Dot on the accuracy of Sauer rifles.


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    As my mother used to say "if someone told you to stick your head in the oven, would you". I have 2 Sauer 202s. .243 and .308 both keyhole at 100 yards and are blindingly accurate beyond that.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Peoples perception of well grained /figured wood is subjective. What one feels is good another will disagree. Brno produced some rifles that I for one thought had well figured wood like this factory stock on the ZKK 601 I own:-

    Which I feel is not too shabby in the figure stakes.

    I did handle a new Montana light weight rifles and that did a fairly nice piece of wood in my opinion.

    Not sure how they are now but Ruger did some very nice stocks on their Model 77 Express rifles. I was tempted by a 416 Rigby chambered one at the time but did not have the funds available to make the purchase.

    ​I do know how you feel though a lot of the new rifles seen on racks are very bland and frankly boring to look at.

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    I can choose which eyeball on fox to 200y with both my Sauers with Federal ammunition, quite a combination. Home loads will struggle to beat that so therefore i don't home load.
    As for woodwork i am a timber whore and will someday own an Avant Garde if the six numbers come to town!
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    I know sauer look nice but would prefer to have a rifle that shoots accurately, not just an ornament, as I have heard mixed reports about the 202.

    Don't tell any of the Sauer owners I know that - they'd be putting you straight right quickly! A lot of stalkers I know are quite attached to the type of rifle they use and it's always interesting to hear why they like the make they do.

    As to nice wood it is lovely to look at but whenever you take it out will you not be worried about it getting damaged, or sodden in the rain? But maybe I've never had a large enough wedge of dosh burning a hole in my pocket to consider one seriously. I hope you find a nice one.

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    I bought a Mannlicher Luxus in 243 about 20 years ago. The wood on it was stunning but I couldn't bring myself to treat it as just a tool and spent as much time trying to avoid damaging or marking it as shooting the thing, so sold it and went back to synthetic.

    I appreciate a well figured piece of wood far more on a shotgun than I ever would on a rifle, I guess just because of the general nature of their use...

    Rifle pulled from cover, thrown over back, dragged across the ground, through trees, bumped into high seats etc

    Shotgun out the slip, broken over arm, fired and returned to the slip normally without ever touching anything damaging. I know when rough shooting or wild fowling they get a bit more abuse, and for that reason I have seen the guns fowlers generally opt for and they are not high grade stocks....

    ​No issue with a nice piece of timber on someone else's rifle, just not for me....
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