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Thread: first muntie spoted

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    first muntie spoted

    i know some of you that are overrun with them will think im mad but
    it felt like id just shot a gold medal roe
    i was sitting out yesterday morning waiting at the end of the
    maize rows as the farmer was harvesting his crop with
    46 gram of no 1 shot waiting for charlie to make an appearance
    when a muntie doe walked out no tusks antler etc .
    i think it was anyway its been years since i went out with a munter
    i was really pleased to know i have another species on my patch
    i watched her on her way and disappear into the wood wishing her
    happy breeding to raise me a future gold medal .
    still coming down from my high now still as they say little things
    please little minds regards pete .

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    If you've seen one, there'll be more - elusive little blighters! Which makes them all the more satisfying when you get them in the larder

    Hope that truck is still going OK for you Pete.

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    What area are you in Pete

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    sika dog somerset m8

    75 the truck has been brilliant it fits my needs perfectly
    and havent taken a spanner to it i knew my luck was
    in when you turned up in a suit and tie
    nice to own something reliable after the disco
    regards pete .

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    Well done mate, you will get your 41lber yet

    If you have seen one its toooooooooooo late, they will be all over your ground like a rash.

    Great little deer, happy hunting



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    Brilliant news Pete mate,they will soon be popping up all over buddy wait and see..............'M'

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    They are starting to get alround us at the mo as well Pete.
    just waiting to bump into one


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator
    i knew my luck was
    in when you turned up in a suit and tie
    I only wear a suit when selling dodgy second hand motors

    Glad it went to a good home

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    cheers guys im looking forward to shooting munties as well
    as roe .
    max im glad your muntzilla didnt walk out though it would have
    been a close call between him and 46 gram of no 1

    75 if all the motors were as good as the one you sold me you
    should become an arthur daley you would do a roaring trade m8

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