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Thread: Miroku MK38 Trap 32" adjustable

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    Miroku MK38 Trap 32" adjustable

    A recent post has spurred me on to let this gun go. I enjoy a bit of DTL, but don't shoot it on a regular enough basis to justify keeping this from someone who could make better use of it.
    It's a Miroku MK38 Trap, grade 1 with adjustable comb, 32" barrels choked 3/4 & full. This gun has done very little work and is in very, very good condition with tight action and no marks to blueing etc. It's a 2006 gun (MT serial number), has a right handed palm swell and adjustable comb (factory, not aftermarket). Better wood than more modern Mirokus by far, but still a grade 1.
    Now, I'm open to P/X on Browning, Miroku and Beretta, possibly others, although I'd like to trade up (ie my gun plus cash to you), although no semis, pump or trap guns, and only 12g or 20g. Looking for 850, and not a lot less.
    Happy to meet someone to let them see and try the gun at a clay ground as far South (from me) as Glasgow, and as far North as Inverness/Tain.

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    a lot of gun for not alot of money !! atb Kev

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    I have one of these in grade 5, great trap guns,good luck with the sale.

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    This gun is now


    And to a nice chap who is using it in a most impressive fashion at skeet !
    ​Thank you everyone !!

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    Thank you for a very smooth gun transaction. I am very pleased with the MK 38 and you can rest assured that it has found a good home. I really enjoyed shooting with you this afternoon. It is good to meet like minded shooters. Hopefully we can meet up at a later date to do a bit more shooting. You should not have shown me your grade 5 MK 60. The wood was absolutely beautiful. I will be after a grade 5 next! Thanks again and straight shooting.

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    It's nice to know the gun will now get out regularly, it was nice to see those targets getting demolished properly. Despite my dismal performance, it reinforced my desire to shoot more skeet.
    Thanks for the informal advice as well, my shooting needs all the help it can get !
    I'll drop you a PM next time in future if I'm headed to Auchterhouse, and likewise if you choose to head North.
    ​Cheers !

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