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Thread: Chance of a lifetime

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    Chance of a lifetime

    It's not every day you get to tick a box in life
    well the other weekend i got such a chance
    following on from an ever growing friend base i hav made over the tinternet
    one man in paticular gave me that oppurtunity
    from just posting a few pics of one of my passions in life, turned into a reality
    from there following on an exchange of numbers and several hours chewing the fat over the next few months, i finally arrived at 7:30 am one sunday morning
    it was a weird morning, as i had to borrow a vehicle
    mine was in the garage , so already knew i had forgotten something
    as i keep everthing i need and spares in my own truck
    what will be, will be
    so after meeting Andy for the first time and wanting to make a good impression we started to kit up
    now reality hit me
    i had not put in my kit bag which held a bipod ,sling and Bino's
    now i felt like a proper expert
    luckily i had taken 2 rifles with which i had a sling on the spare one
    quick modifacation and bailing string , saw one issuse resolved (whilst Andy looked on laughing)
    now ready to stalk we moved on
    as we entered the ground our first species started to proove elusive and difficult to get a clear shot at
    finally a hour later and several half chances, an opening appeared, slowing lying on the deck using a stock fence as rest, the Deer started to spread out whilst keeping a close eye on us
    now came the hard part choosing a suitable young cow
    this was not as easy i you may think, they all looked the same
    "Quick" said Andy
    a chance had arose
    "The one far left looked good"
    at that the x-hairs placed on the chest, safety off the trigger finger started to squeeze gently
    " Boom " and then "Thwack" as the 180 grain head from my 30-06 hit it's mark
    the deer jumped forward and ran ten yards blood now streaming down it's side, another 10 yards walking it fell over
    that was it months of exciment all over in those few seconds , what a supreme feeling it now felt
    A few moments had passed and we decided to go look at my prize, one last check from Andy and we were off
    all of a sudden we saw a movement
    flick of an ear , then a head rose with-in seconeds the beast was back on it's legs
    we both stood in amazement, i raised my rifle took aim and we both reached the same decision
    a seconed and final shot sent on its way this time
    the deer lunged forward and collapsed in mid air
    that was that
    My first Pierre David

    next we started the prep for the larder and trophy prep

    then hang it up to do the rest
    Skinning the trophy for a full shoulder mount
    first remove the front legs at the knuckles

    then cut the skin around the whole body around chest and back

    carefully but quickly peeling it down

    using a knife, if and when needed

    now start to pull the skin from around the front legs

    down the neck

    to as near the base of the skull then cut it off , fold the skin up nicely around the head keeping the ears tucked in
    pack in a blak bag and freeze ASAP to prevent the hair slipping
    then you can perform the gralloch with out Damaging or getting the skin too dirty

    now beast safely hung in the larder our next quest was to go see if we could find a suitable Sika pricket to shoot
    this was not going to be easy i was told
    so now on our way to our first spot with a few x-tra provisions ( a packed lunch and a drink)
    we sat and waited
    This was in the way of a highseat and quite spectacular one at that
    was not long before we were lucky and a few deer started to appear

    in the corner of my eye i saw a Manchurian Sika pricket
    Andy said take it , it's a good one to cull
    from there i bent down out of sight reached across the highseat, put my half eaten sandwhich down and grabbed my rifle ,
    calmly lifting and racking a round into the rifle , finding the chest of the Sika in my x-hairs , i squeezed
    the Sika stood and looked then ran and i mean ran
    It was like it had the devil up it's rearend
    no sign of any shot reaction just a spurt of blood on the bullet exiting
    before i could turn my head in disbelief, i heard Andy say" tough ain't they"
    no arguments there
    as the Sika thundered off through the branches crashing in the wood, it soon went silent
    it could only mean one thing
    we could now finish our sandwhiches
    about 10 or so minutes had now passed, now time to go see what had gone on
    from there we searched the area the deer was stood at for clues
    Bullet strike in the ground

    Evidence of blood splatter and type of blood
    this is lung blood light cloured and a little frothy in looks and texture

    specks of blood along the blood trail

    short vid i took of myself following the blood trail,

    we had a dog on hand if needed one, but with this amount of blood and the fact it was shot through the lungs i was pretty confident of finding it quite easily and quickly

    Pic of the exit wound

    the lungs

    Same again for the Sika trophy prep
    with a few more detailed pics

    just waiting on the Taxidermist now

    so i would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Andy (Andy stalker)
    for a very enjoyable and fantastic day
    cheers mate you are one in a million

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    Nice write up and pictures, thanks for sharing.

    I look forward to seeing the pics when the taxidermist has finished the trophies.

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    Stone a manchurian and a pierre david in the same day there cant be many people who have pulled that off recently.
    Good pictures as well.
    Well done

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    As been said before mate. Nice one!!!!!!!!

    Nice piece of bailer twine


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint

    Nice piece of bailer twine

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    Cracking pics and write up!Bet your chuffed to bits, congrats!

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    Cracking job and great write-up - you must have been delighted, and rightly so. Full marks to Andy Stalker as well, you're a gent.


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    Richard, you are indeed a lucky man. However you are one of the most generous guys on here, and as is often said, " what goes around comes around". I know how many people from here have had their first stalks with you, and if anyone deserved some payback it's you mate.
    Congrats on two fine animals.

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    some belting photo's,(as is usual from you!) I see the proverbial peasticks were in use as well! Steve.

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