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Thread: muntjac

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    I shot my first munty this year and i think they are great little deer.
    I was just wondering how far up the country they actually are?

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    In the east they are in good numbers up about as far as Lincoln, after that they get progressively thinner on the ground until you reach the Humber, where they stop. None north of the Humber in East Yorkshire. Further west I do not know too much about but there are occasional sightings in South and West Yorkshire. Further north there are muntjac in the North East, Co Durham I think, which it would be a good guess to say did not arrive naturally.

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    One was shot near Hexham, Northumberland last October and there was a write up in the local papers with pics.

    If it is a genuine cull and not just a guy pulling a fast one for media glory then the Ifor Williams bunch have been up and around there too.

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    Can't say how far they have made it through England, but at least some have managed to catch a ferry to N Ireland. One was killed on the road in County Down about three months ago.

    There are a couple or three pockets of a population that I am aware of.

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    They have been seen around delamare foest and are supposed to be on the cheshire show ground at tabley in cheshire

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    When my firearms officer was out he said that muntjac had been seen beside our shoot just outside newcastle but we have never seen any on shoot days

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    I have a permission in Shropshire and Munty are Rarely sited as far West as the Welsh border although it probably won't be too long till they are more common I expect!

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    According to the BDS survey in 2007 they are well west of the Welsh border. They were seen occasionally in Monmouthshire way back in the 1980s but the 2007 map has them along the M4 corridor down as far as Fishguard and spreading north towards Aberystwyth. What the map doesn't tell you is in what densities they are. They're actually thinner on the ground in Shropshire but they're spreading in from the east, are well into Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire and it won't be long before they start showing up right up and down the Marches.

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    up here in north staffs since the 60,s my dad tells me odd ones have been seen, i saw 2 whilst lamping foxes 20 years ago, never seen one in day light. i have recently heard one has been seen in the canal dead thought to have gone through the ice, and in the local paper this week someone in the town up the road has photographed one on there front lawn. maybe just maybe they are on the up

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    Dan, did you get your munty locally? I'm north Tyneside and have land in Northumberland so will keep my eyes peeled?

    Are there any distinct characteristics to look for which may suggest munty?



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