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Thread: 12 gauge J.W. Tolley Hammergun

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    12 gauge J.W. Tolley Hammergun

    This is a verynice vintage 12 gauge J.W. Tolley Hammergun. Made in the early 20thcentury, itís what I would call an late-era hammergun, and it was deliveredtowards the end of the gun makerís career,sidelock non ejector.
    Around 1919, J & W Tolley seems to havemerged with Holloway & Naughton and by 1955 guns were no longer being madeunder the J & W Tolley name.
    It has been re-proofed for modern 70mm nitro cartridges,barrels traditionally blacked and the checkering cut.
    Barrels are clean and are 29í 2 Ĺ through, shootingnicely for such a light gun.I am not sure of the choking.
    It also has an unsuall safety switch on the pistolgrip, which is something Iíve been told is quite rare and uncommon, especiallybeing a Hammer gun.
    Iím looking for £750,and I would be happy to send viaRFD.
    Thanks for looking. any questions please pm.

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