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Thread: AW how does it work on your ground

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    AW how does it work on your ground

    I'm considering registering for my level 2, I know the cheaper option will most likely be the AW to come to me, but if I travel to the AW's ground, how is the stalk likely to go. Will it be the case of off you go find your beast?, or taken to the area with deer and stalk in once they are spotted?

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    Its not unreasonable to expect a candidate to cover your costs. Some even charge a bit more. You certainly shouldn't be out of pocket anyhow. As for how it should work I'm not sure what your asking. The candidate has to do all the work themselves. They should have an advantage if it is there own ground as they have the knowledge of the area. If it is your ground you have to let them get on with it. You can brief them on the topography of the area including boundaries and hazards but they have to choose where to go and find the deer themselves. They have to know what deer to take although you have some control over what animal is actually shot (trophy animals for example if it is applicable). This kind of stuff is covered in the AW brief anyhow.

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    When I did mine on the aw ground he breifed me on the paths and walkways around his ground then off we went in the general direction of paths ect through his ground I would advise a couple of pre
    level 2stalks with the aw you choose or do it on the does with a professional guide
    ​ Good luck tom

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    I regularly use someone else's ground to do AW's. What I tell the candidate is to phone the lease holder and ask relevant questions. I then as the Candidate relevant questions which they should then be able to answer. Reading the PC's in the Portfolio should identify the questions that hey may need to know. Some have stalked he ground in the past, either way, I will produce a map, and highlight any areas of concern, boundaries etc..It's then upto hem to lead he stalk.
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    Sorry, I should have been more clear. Although you have all answered my question, ie I lead the stalk from the offset. Thanks for the replies

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    Sorry. I misread your post. Thought you were registering for AW not as a candidate. I think I answered it in a round about way anyhow!

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    Where ever you stalk, you must meet the PC, it s down to you to locate, stalk, identify, shoot, grailoch and larder your animal. As an AW we cannot lead or train during an outing. Prior to the stalk if you are on our land we will,of course brief you on the safety aspects and what you need to be aware of. The rest is witnessing your ability.

    Good luck.


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