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Thread: New Home Office Guidance - 2012/13

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    New Home Office Guidance - 2012/13

    Just a reminder that the guidance is well on its way to completion. BASC have been very sucessful in getting our wording accepted to improve the guidance beyond the legislative changes since 2002.

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    I just read the section on expanding ammunition and was very surprised by this paragraph:

    " The words ‘designed or adapted’ are important. Any bullet will deform on impact with a sufficiently hard surface, but only bullets, and ammunition containing bullets, which were designed or have been adapted to do so in a controlled manner are actually controlled bythe legislation (see Chapter 3). If in doubt as to the design intention of a bullet, referenceto the maker’s design specification should be made. Frangible bullets, do not fall undersection 5(1A)(f) of the 1968 Act."

    Pay particular attention to the sentence in bold, so why can't we all buy frangible bullets like Vmax and barnes grenades through the post? it would appear from these definitions that only bullets designed to predictably expand come under section 5, so nosler partition does but barnes grenade doesn't. If the police and the dealers take this word for word it will be great news for fox and vermin shooters!

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    steady... once the changes are in and the classes of bullets is clear you will be able to buy non expanding bullets through the post including v-max fingers crossed!

    You already can get expanding bullets through the post so long as they were posted outside of the UK though lol

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