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Thread: reamers for sale

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    reamers & go gauges for sale

    both reamers are pacific tool and gauge finish reamers, are a left over from unbuilt projects since i stopped building rifles in 2007.

    6.5x47 lapua, .290 neck and .080 freebore. if memory serves me correctly, this is about right for 120grain-ish heads? it was used to finish off one chamber only, a re-size reamer did the bulk of the cutting. it is pretty much as new, sharp and undamaged. 100 posted RMSD

    6.5-284, .297 neck i think and freebore for 140 grain bullets i think. i don't recall ever using it but it would have done 1 barrel at the most. it is in super condition. 100 posted RMSD

    also the following go gauges. 20 posted each: 6.5x47, ppc, 243/260/308, 243ackley

    email me on if you want any pics.

    cheers for looking

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