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Thread: The SD week so far.

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    The SD week so far.

    Well the weather has not been too bad and there are plenty of deer showing. Without giving too much away I can tell you that all are in great spirits, and the count as of last night, Tuesday, was 4 Stags. That will be it for stags but as of today the ladies join the game.

    I shall try and keep you updated with the numbers but I am not getting much in the way of time to sit in front of the computer. In fact I am just off now got to meet a bunch of ruffians with rifles


    Forgot to say, Morena if you read this, a couple of people were enquiring if you made it back OK

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    Hi Jayb,
    Tell them I am fine. A 6 pointer and I had a very close encounter, we literally fell over one another out of the mist, surprised. Not a thing I could do before he left the scene.

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    Hi Jay

    Gadget sent some pics to my mobile last night. Some nice quality racks there !
    Good hunting

    PS give my regards to Gadget


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    Sounds like guys are having a good time. Is there any SD trip planned next year? I'd love to go next year...


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    Quote Originally Posted by rockingod
    Hi Jay

    Gadget sent some pics to my mobile last night. Some nice quality racks there !
    Good hunting

    PS give my regards to Gadget

    whydont you put photos on here so we can all have a look thanx

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    You can now add three hinds to the total, as of Wednesday evening. I am only giving the bare details as hopefully the people concerned will will supply the write up and photo's etc.

    Greg, it looks as if there will be another trip next year, more details later.


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    Just back from the first session of the SD stalking.

    Congratulations and my thanks to Malcolm and John for organising it in the first place and to their generosity and to generosity of all the witnesses and helpers-out.

    It was an excellent few days, great to meet and put faces to the names from the site. Overall the company and the atmosphere were fantastic. The ground and the scenery is wonderful a mixture of hills and woodland some of it ancient Caledonian woodland, a very special place indeed. Although I didnít get to shoot a deer and others did I still enjoyed it and made new friends.

    I would be delighted to go back again.

    HOWEVER If anyone else is thinking about going to the next SD stalking event I must put in a warning here about one of the tests I was subjected to. I had anticipated it with a measure of apprehension and slight horror but I had under-estimated it and I donít think I will ever be the same again. Take some stomach calming medicine and a pair of dark glasses or better still a welders mask Ė you may have to see Festerís knees!


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    You can now add another Sika hind to the total as of Thursday evening, it was taken by fester (and his knees of course )

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    well john what a week,as you know i got 2 hinds on wednesday afternoon,they are the first sika i have shot as you know so iam really pleased.i shot the first then 2 more ran through the trees to my right so i gave them a whistle and they stopped and i then took the other which ran for cover head down.the first one dropped on the spot but i couldnt see the other in the fallen timber and undergrowth so i went to get malc and super todd.i told malc i had not looked to hard as i didnt want to spoil the scent,within a minute todd found the hind dead.thanks again everyone

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    Well done on the hinds Andy, a cracking result... and well done to Super Todd too, a truly beautiful dog! (Malc you're lucky I didn't try and sneak him in the back of the car when I left!)


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