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Thread: dsc 2 QUESTION

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    dsc 2 QUESTION

    In the information part at the front of the portfolio it states that your evidence must of been produced in the three years prior to portfolio submission, does that mean that i could use two of the stalks that i had with a DSC level 2 holder last summer shooting 7 roe bucks in 12 outings, then i could just pay an AW for the last deer.

    Or am i reading it wrong.....eddie

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    You need to ask your designated assessor personally I very much doubt he will accept retrospective evidence unless he personally knows and respects the witness very well....
    After all most candidates could quote previous deer shot and gralloched in the prescence of more experienced/qualified peers.

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    Thanks boys i thought it was me reading it wrong, im in south wales but shoot in hereford for some fallow, forest of dean for fallow and boar and swindon for muntjac and roe....

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