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Thread: Nikon's underrated?

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    Nikon's underrated?

    had my Nikon Monarch III 10x42 for over a month now and am really pleased with their ability in low light. i bought them on personal recommendation from a mate and wondered if the general opinion of these were good/bad/indifferent? i've used another mate's swarovs which are much better of course, but i have mouth's to feed and bills to pay before i could consider those

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    There is a guy who goes on the shoot I beat on, who has a pair of the top end nikon - they are a beautiful glass. He selected these after going to buy Swaro or Ziess. The downside is they cost the same thothough if uttings were ever selling them off, they would be a great buy

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    Nothing wrong with Nikon optics, used their scopes in the past, very good, excellent build quality.

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    It's hard to see why there should be a question of the quality of Nikon optics.
    ​They have been making some of the most highly rated photographic lenses for decades.

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    Found Nikon Monarch glass to be very good, felt the body was a bit plastic with not much protection probably OK for a recreational stalker but not sure how they would stand up to daily use.

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    Some years ago I was talking to a Nikon Optics rep (Microscopes) asked him about their telescopic sight range. He made some enquiries and said they didn't make them they were just badged under their name.

    I suspect they may be made by Japan Optics Co in Japan, who incidentally were formed by the former employees of Hakko and do indeed make excellent optics.


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    I have hust thrown some Nikon binos in the bin, they where about 15 years old and i kept them in the car just in case i needed them.
    They always seemed good ! The other night i got them out to check if a shape was a Hare or Rabbit. They where RUBBISH next to my Swarovski 8x30's which i had with me. So in the bin they went.

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    To refer to the OP I've a good opinion of these. I own a set and use them often matched to a similar spec rimfire scope ; they are usefully light weight (fibreglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin) and rubberised giving a comfortable grip. I find the big focussing wheel an advantage, and they are definately waterproof. Good quality strap but indifferent top lens cap. Although there is a 'new' model virtually every year, the 25 year guarantee is worth having in this price bracket. Not much not to like to my purposes.

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    I have a Nikon Prostaff 3-9 x 50 on my rifle and have to say I think that quality for the cost is awesome. I can't fault it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMC View Post
    I have a Nikon Prostaff 3-9 x 50 on my rifle and have to say I think that quality for the cost is awesome. I can't fault it.
    To be honest i have exactly the same scope and im not that impressed with it, I have to agree about the build quality but I have an old AGS 3-9 x 50 that is just as well built and has far better optics and light gathering, so much so im thinking about swopping them around on my rifles.
    Nikon optics in general, which has been said already are excellent.

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