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Thread: What is the difference between 243 win and 243 ackley improved

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    What is the difference between 243 win and 243 ackley improved

    Could any one help me and shed some light on what the difference is ?

    Thanks Kris

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    There should be some earlier threads on this. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you can see similar threads listed. There's a picture in my Gallery of the brass.

    This is a good article and highlights that there are two types of 'Improved' 243.

    I've really enjoyed my 243 Ackley, but I wouldn't get another one. PO Ackley's books are worthwhile getting hold of and reading.

    In practical terms, to me the main difference has been cost. The rifle came with some Redding dies and I've had a Hornady custom full length resize die made. If you're contemplating getting an Ackley made, you need to budget for a matching die too.

    I'm sure the bullets go a little faster than my std 243 used to, but it's probably within the measurement error of the chrono.

    My Ackley is the most accurate rifle I have owned, but that's a reflection on Russell Gall who built it rather than the calibre itself. I've toyed with getting an 'Improved' 260 Rem, but again the answer is 'No'.


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    This photo shows a .280 rem factory round next to a fire formed .280AI dummy cartridge:-

    The Ackley Improved has less body taper and a much sharper shoulder angle. These are the main points of the improved case. Reduced body taper helps reduce bolt thrust and of course helps increase case capacity and helps reduce brass flow in the case. The sharper shoulder also helps increase case capacity. Due to having a larger case volume the case requires more powder to achieve the same velocity as a standard cartridge but............................................... ............. the reduced bolt thrust helps velocity gains from more powder being able to be used to gain more performance.

    Some cases work better than others as an AI.

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    I would also draw your attention to this thread that I and a number of other folk participated in. 18 months on 'Ackley' dies are still an expensive mystery to me.

    Some 'Ackley' rounds do however gain favour, and Brit's posting above is a very good example of this. Nosler have standardised the 280 Remington Ackley Improved with SAAMI. I don't see that happening with either of the two 243 'improved' variants.

    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by defender-kris View Post
    Could any one help me and shed some light on what the difference is ?

    Thanks Kris
    Not enough to make it worth the effort.
    As JCS said, cartridges show a gain in case capacity but seldom does that play out to significant increases in velocity without increasing barrel length. A good rule of thumb is that velocity increases at 1/4 the increase in case capacity. A 10% increase in case capacity will usually generate a 2.5% increase in velocity. In the US we get to see the actual difference more often than our UK brethren, perhaps. Often the Ackley chamber is cut into the original barrel so a direct comparison in performance was available to the customer. More than not, the shooter would tell me that the rifle still shot well but that they didn't gain anything serious in performance. Where the starkest increase in performance occurred was with cartridges that had too small a case capacity for the bore diameter such as 30-30 Winchester.

    Accuracy from a Ackley conversion is anecdotal and can't be attributed to the chambering alone. A custom rifle from a good smith will be accurate whether an Ackley chambering or the standard version. I have owned some smokingly accurate Ackleys but they were accurate due to the build, not the chamber.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by defender-kris View Post
    Thanks lads for the reply's
    Ive huse a 243 AI for over 10 years and now on its 3rd barrel,I wouldn't change it for a gold pig,havnt found anything to match it as a varmint rifle

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    bloody hell feller youn got some posh brass !

    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    bloody hell feller youn got some posh brass !
    Just as we all know pulling the trigger hard makes the bullet "go faster" so too does a funky case stripe or two!

    Every little helps.


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