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Thread: M55 and 595 Actions

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    M55 and 595 Actions

    Can anyone tell me the difference if any between the M55 and 595 Tikka Actions ?
    Im thinking of going down the custom route and have decided that one of the above would be the one to go for, Heard that the 595's have an excellent reputation but not heard so much about the older M55, Would they be just as suitable ?, Is one worse than the other ? Any imput would be great as this will be my first foray into the custom route and would rather do it right first time, Looking at .20 Tac so talking about 222/223 Actions.

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    i would go for the m595 on the basis you can get parts for it easier. the mags on the m55 are harder if not impossible to find. dont know of any aftermarket stocks for the m55.
    ​where the m595 there are different stocks about for it. and a number of secondhand stocks to.

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    I have 2 semi customs on 595 actions and they are excellent. I would also consider a Sako 591 or 75. Don't discount the Rem 700 as they are the easiest to source parts for.

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    a mate has a 55 and its fine, just hard for him to find a mag for his (spare that is.) 595 is a cracking action as is the 590, never used a 690 but theres still time (i don't think so)

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    I have an M65 (la). In .270 I considered selling it but it's so nice to use and deadly accurate I love it & it's smooth as silk

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    Thanks for the input, Looks like there are a few contenders and not just the Tikka ones I mentioned, Sounds like the M55 limits my options with spare mags and alternative stocks hard to find, Sounds like the majority prefer the Tikka actions regardless of model though.

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    Just picked up a 7mm-08 built on a sako 75. Border barrel. Its bloody stunning...... 75s are getting harder to find now though.

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