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Thread: In Need of Artistic Inspiration

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    In Need of Artistic Inspiration

    Would quite like to brighten up my plain silver Defender DC with a tasteful outdoor/wildlife theme. In a manner of course that won’t upset Red-Dot please so all ideas welcome but midful the rules are:

    1. NO camo patterns
    2. NO crosshairs
    3. NO anthropomorphic inspired murals of cute wildlife
    4. NO logos such as “Blaser Kicks Butt”!



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    Last week edition of Shooting Times magazine has some exceptional art from wildlife artists.
    Worth a look as the were of a tasteful manner.


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    Anything that will cover a SILVER Defender would pass my scrutineering even Realtree!!
    Just kidding but i seen a new Defender that had been wrapped in matte black and it looked superb. Peel it off and there is a fresh car underneath. No images of dead foxes mind?
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    Go to one of the many body wrap companies (they do sky vans & the like) & see what they have my m8 had his wrapped in a real picture of a woodland he had and they printed it to go all round his truck looked AWSOME (sold it then for 3000 profit) great for shooting, so if you have a pic you like take it in they will show you what it will look like on the computer & you can decide.

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    Covering a defender!
    Soil, lots of soil
    1) dig big hole
    2) put defender in hole
    3) cover with soil
    4) stick in a cross R.I.P.
    You know it's for the best in the long run
    Option 2, put a Toyota badge on it but your only kidding yourself
    unless you can prove it beyond all reasonable doubt, it wasn't me. If you can prove it then you must be mistaken

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    1. Wrap it in zebra stripes and pretend you're on a 60's safari.
    2. Take a photo of your garage door, blow it up, transfer it onto the back, park on the drive and see if anyone drives into it.
    3. There's a plumber's van I see occasionally with a picture of someone on the toilet on the door, with the head and shoulders provided by the driver.
    4. However, unless you want it green, I would go with the above suggestion, endorsed by the Rolling Stones, paint it black.

    Silly suggestions apart, such things are very personal, but I hope you get some good ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    an english meadow !
    I’ve seen a car covered in astro turf so maybe the same but with a few silk wild flowers weaved along with fallow droppings and a mole hill or two?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    I’ve seen a car covered in astro turf so maybe the same but with a few silk wild flowers weaved along with fallow droppings and a mole hill or two?

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