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Thread: grit in moderator threads

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    grit in moderator threads

    I have some grit in the threads of an Ase Utra Northstar moderator.

    Haven't been able to find a way to shift it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Spray it out with WD40 and use an airline to clear.

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    Blue tac?

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    small calibre phosphor cleaning brush?
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    WD 40 and a tooth brush

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    All of the above, if no joy get it into an ultrasound bath.
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    I've been lead to believe that WD40 in a mod is a bad idea. Is the consensus that it's ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    I've been lead to believe that WD40 in a mod is a bad idea. Is the consensus that it's ok?
    I was told by a very reputable riflesmith that a squirt of WD is fine, just stand it up afterwards to let any excess drain out


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    WD40 tends to dry with a slightly sticky residue but I dont see the problem compared to the toxic fog of burning gases and acid residue that it normally receives!

    would be better to flush it out completely though

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    I use a a small strip of lint free cotton and smear it with a touch of oil.
    Lay the end of the strip on an old toothbrush, use the toothbrush to push the cotton down into the problem grooves and rotate anti-clockwise.
    The grit should stick to the oiled cloth and what's missed or too heavy is backed out of the threads.
    Repeat with a clean section of the cloth and keep going till clean.
    Nothing can get damaged or go the wrong way with this method.

    I've done this with mine, it's surprising what comes out .

    ps.. if it's a small bore and toothbrush is too big, just bunch the cloth up and press into the threads with a Plastic rod or similar and do the same.
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