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Thread: Tyres poping of the rim WHY

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    Tyres poping of the rim WHY

    Hi All
    I have a hilux with alloys and some times when I have been off road.
    I awake the next day to find the one of the tyres flat as a witches tit.
    Why could this be is it because of the alloys ?


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    alloy corrosion
    very common

    pump it up and run a weak soapy solution round the rim (easier off the vehicle when flat)
    you will probably see the soap foaming where it is seeping past the seal

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    This fixes it.

    Most tyre fitting places have it.
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    Thanks lads it has been pi$$ing me off I was going to get some steel rims by I will try some of that rim bead first


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    got a set of steels from a nissan 56 /ford ranger 58 used to have my snow tyres on em, thay are for sale inc nuts if thay are any use pm me

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    If it is corroded rims you could put tubes in. We have done this with our old Dihatsue. I think there is a technical reason why you shouldn't and some tyre fitting places won't do it but it works for us.

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    As COLD as a witches tit, as FLAT as a turd. Some people just don't know the Queens English!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffreyL View Post
    As COLD as a witches tit, as FLAT as a turd. Some people just don't know the Queens English!!!
    Seriously, who cares.

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    could it be mud getting wedge between the rim an tyre, ive had trouble with this a few times, I was running larger offset, and find my tyres rubbing hard against the ruts causing the mud to wedge in,

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