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Thread: good condition modern .270 rifle and/or .222 50 Wanted - Scotland

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    good condition modern .270 rifle and/or .222 50 Wanted - Scotland

    i am looking for a very good condition modern .270 rifle and/or .222 50. I would like Sako 85 or Tikka T3 varmint, Browning X bolt or SAUER if it is not overpriced!
    I am on the road for work next week, start of the week in Aberdeen, rest of the week Glasgow and Edinburgh before I am back home to the highlands.

    I know it is a broad range but the .270 is for primarily for Red Deer and the .222 50 is foxes and a few fast rounds.

    Any pictures/ rifles PM me and I will send you my email address.

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    Do you mean a .222rem or a .22-250?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I have a lovely sauer in .270 for sale. See my advert. If I still had reds it would not be going, JimJim
    For Sale: Sauer 202 elegance grade stock, diamond cut bolt.
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    Hi Mate
    These Guys have a nice .22-250 Remington 700 BDL for sale at 550 Centerfire Rifles - Northern Optics and Accessories see what you think, good value.



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