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Thread: Tikka 595 in 6mmbr for sale

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    Tikka 595 in 6mmbr for sale

    I reluctantly have for sale my 6mmbr. It is on a tikka 595 action formerly a 22-250 so the magazine feeds flawlessly. The barrel is 24 inch, 5 groove 1 in 9 twist number 3 profile Pac-Nor stainless barrel and screw cut 1/2 inch unf. The gun was built by Neil Mckillop in Reading. The rifle is pillar bedded into a 595 wooden stock. The trigger breaks cleanly at 2lbs, the total weight of the rifle including scope is 8lbs, ideal for walking around.

    The total round count for the new barrel is 84. It shoots 85 grain speers (BC .404) into .174 of an inch at 100 yards. I have used this gun to take fox, Muntjac and Roe. The calibre is cleared for all deer species in the UK.

    The rifle comes with an ATEC CMM-4 moderator, 40 rounds of loaded ammunition and 10 empty cases. 100 85 grain speers and 100 70 grain blitzkings. A set of Wilson reloading dies.

    The rings and picatinny are third eye tactical 30mm highs and are included in the price. The scope is not included in the sale.

    The price for the rifle including moderator, rings and rail is 1000 the rifle is at Henley Country Sports where it can be viewed and/or collected. RFD transfer at buyers expense (25). The only reason for sale is I have moved to the Isle of Man don’t have a use for it anymore.
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    Price change with Bump, rifle as described above 1000 (+ 25 rfd transfer fee if required)
    Thanks for looking

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