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Thread: S Custom Tikka 6mmbr

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    S Custom Tikka 6mmbr

    Folks - Regrettably I am selling my 6mmbr. Built by Steve Kershaw just over a month ago - the barrel has done next to nothing and only been run in. I have the receipt for the build so you can be sure that this is a next to new rifle.

    Rifle Spec

    Stainless steel Tikka 595 - (formally 22.250 -with 3 shot mag) Bolt has been polished and a nice little tact bolt knob has been fitted by Steve K. Trigger has been worked and breaks cleanly at 1.5 lb

    Pacnor 5 groove super match - 24 inch with 8 twist - Varmint profile
    This gun has been trialled with 105 grn and 87 grn Vmax. As you would expect it has shot some very special little one holers. Threaded 18/1 and has a 11 degree target type crown. Barrel comes with an invisible end cap. All work done by Steve Kershaw

    A beautiful GRS laminate stock - the most comfortable stock I have ever used - Adjustable cheek piece and also adjustable for length mean to can really set it for your body and shooting style. ( not suitable for lefties)

    Rifle come with a third eye rail - 10 MOA

    I am including a 3 die set of Hornady custom grade dies
    Around 100 or so Lap cases ( only fired in this gun)
    I also have a few 105 Amax that will go to the buyer.

    The price is 1350 - Advertised elsewhere - Note scope in not included.

    The rifle is also available in a Tikka stock for 990 - It has been pillar bedded but the stock needs some TCL


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    That looks very nice that Alan

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark@mbb View Post
    That looks very nice that Alan
    Hi Mark, Yeah its a beauty - needs a good home


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    Why are you parting with such a clinker?

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    Gun is now provisionally sold,

    Thank you

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