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Thread: frozen skin/hide for training

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    frozen skin/hide for training

    Hi folks,
    i'm wondering is it better to freeze my deer skin that i use in training, use it uncleaned and cut into 6"x6" sections so i can get plenty of sections, or should i tan the hide and use it.
    i'm new to tracking, so first up i'm collecting blood from deer and foxs that are shot and freezing it in small plastic tubs. i mix around 50ml of blood with 500ml of water. seems to be strong enough.
    reason for asking about the skin is i can let the dog retrieve the pelt when it is found.

    ​any suggestions?

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    I have been training my Lab bitch and have had lots of good advice from SD members, particularly Wolverine. I use fresh pieces of skin that have been frozen (then thawed) and that works very well. I think you will be advised not to water-down the blood though. I have found that once I got my bitch going on tracks and the long lead, I did not need to put any blood on the skin at all and simply used a spot or two at the start of the trail and occasionally along the trail.
    I was amazed with what the young dog could follow without any blood at all. Best wishes for a good result with your dog.

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    i watered down the blood with rain water (i joke you not) to weaken the smell, so making it harder.

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    Took Ruby out this evening and laid a short but complex trail of 260 yds with six turns in it. I used a fresh Muntjac head towed on a cord and long stick. No additional blood put on the head. She stumbled at the first turn and had to cast about quite a lot until she picked the trail up again. From then on she didn't miss a trick and made the find quickly. I put lots of turns in to make her concentrate as she will try to go too fast otherwise.

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    pulling the head around on a string is good idea, has the full set up, bit of blood, bit of smell and then the fur for the reward

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