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Thread: New Member- Duckhunter come Deer Stalker.

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    New Member- Duckhunter come Deer Stalker.

    Hello Everyone.
    I have been visiting SD for a long while and realised having read the rules I better introduce myself. Hello to all!!
    I am a duckaholic by nature and have been wildfowling for a number of years getting the run around by Mr Mallard and Mrs Canada most seasons, however I am now forfilling my ambition to develop into Deer Stalking and take on this new challange. I aim to achieve the DSC Level 1+2 qualifications and have recently joined the British Sporting Rifle Club. I want to lay a good responsible foundation and start slowly and have finally booked my first two day stalking course in november, which will include two accompanied stalks and a good introduction to stalking. Believe me i cant wait!!
    I hope you guys will be able to help with the many questions my experiences from now onwards will raise!

    Thanks Guys, C.G (Realtree)

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    welcome realtree!!
    lots of great info and helpfuul guys on here,
    stalking is a bit like wildfowling ,its not a numbers game ,lots off watching waiting and sneaking about and getting ocasional shot.
    when you take your first deer its amazing !!hope you can slow your heart down enough to get your shot of though!
    I had the smile stuck to my face for weeks ,and it was only a mangy old doe!!
    all the best

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    Thanks Bob, "lots of waiting" you can safely say i have got that mastered to a tee!!
    You have now got me thinkng about composing myself on that first shot! Thanks.

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