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    best practice

    anybody of the site going up to the best practice demo event at strathconnon next week (wed or thur) i know its a fair distance
    away but im going up on thursday ,if theirs anyone going il see
    you there

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    DCS event Strathconnon

    I put in an application (by fax), but haven't heard whether I have a place. Have you received any confirmation? If you have then maybe I've missed out this time - or maybe I should give them a ring, or e-mail?


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    best practice

    hi mate you should be ok i got my comfirmation yesterday it was for
    the wed i phoned and asked could they change it to thursday and they
    did so there should be at least mine plus my mates places availabe on
    wed if you get thur il see you there

    cheers tam

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    e-mailed them yesterday and got told confirmation for Wednesday had already been posted, it arrived in the afternoon (as our post does out in the country!).

    So I'll not be able to meet up this time.
    I'll drive up Tuesday pm and kip in my campervan ready for an early start!

    I've been to a few DCS training events and aways learn a lot - great service, highly reccomended and worth the effort it may take to get to them.


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    I'm going to this day aswell with college on friday, hopefully will be a good day out.

    Regards Brent

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    I went down to Strathconon on Thurs what a good day out!

    I was well impressed with the way it was run, never ceases to amaze me how small the stalking world is bumped into quite a few old faces including half of the instructors.

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    best practice

    i was there on thursday too iwas surprised at how many people there
    were at the event almost 100 all shapes and sizes of stalkers i think most
    of them were profesional or at least semi
    i did 4 of the 8 subjects 1 hour 45 min on each there were targets set up at 50,150 300 yards the 300 yard was just to see if you could range the
    beast and compensate for the drop and best practice dont condone shooting deer at these ranges the other subjects were carcass extraction ,carcass preperation and culling ,this was a fantastic day and i
    would recommend it to anybody of any level ,shame its only once a year

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    I was there on Thursday. A great day out and I would reccommend it to anyone.Well done DCS et al

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