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    Natural England

    Just had a telephone conversation with a very nice woman at Natural England in relation to the renewal of last seasons cormorant license. In April I submitted a report and new application for this season for the protection of a local fishery. I had outlined in my report some of the issues regarding their restrictions on the license, one being limited to using a shotgun only. I enquired about possible 17HMR or .223 rifle. She stated that she was no firearms expert and she had a few questions (obviously she had been prompted to ask) I proceeded to lead her through use of such rifles, pointing out angle of shot, backstops, ricochet hazards etc.
    She then complemented me on my knowledge of the subject and stated that it had been commented on in the department that my application and last seasons report was one of the most comprehensive and attention to detail they had ever seen.
    She then said there should be no problem authorising the use of a rifle for this season and paperwork has been forwarded to relevant department for issue of the license.
    Just goes to show you can get the results you want if you put the time and effort in and present the paperwork in order
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    Ive always found them to be good in my limited dealings with them

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    Took out a permit for Heron and Cormorant several years ago and they would only allow smooth bore after inspecting the fishery. Cormorants were easy because you could get them early morning just after they dove and were drying out their wings. Herons were difficult because they only came in when the light faded but the best way I found was to sit under a tree and wait for them to fly over and then line up and shoot as they landed. If you waited any longer they would pick you up with their radar like eyesight.

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    Nice on Martin. Keep up the good work.
    Soon to be the latest member of the 20cal club.

    It all works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out well it isn't the end!

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