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Thread: Suggestions re. repairing a portable high seat?

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    Question Suggestions re. repairing a portable high seat?

    As per the thread title.

    I went to one of my high seats today, an X3M1 portable, and found that a sizeable bough had fallen from the tree, striking the shooting rail on the way down and twisting and shearing the rail supports as a result.

    Attachment 31250

    The picture above shows the seat when new. The damaged elements are the two vertical supports, which remain attached -albeit thoroughly bent out of shape- at the bottom knob but have sheared under the sliders at the top.

    I've written to X3M1 enquiring about obtaining spare parts, but in view of the range of knowledge and expertise on here I though I could do a lot worse than ask whether anyone knows someone who could make replacements, as the seat is otherwise undamaged. If it helps, I have another -intact- seat of the same type, the supports from which might be used as a pattern.

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    I would definately repair it, the ladder is still good, if your not able to do it a fabricator could easily make a better replacement rail as the x3m1's are so limited because of the shape. It needs to be all the way round so you have some support for your elbow. It would be easy enough to make a rail that uses the same bolt points with a double folding linkage that supports a horizontal rail as opposed to the current one at 45 degrees. hope that makes sense...I might be able to get some photos up of ones i've made from folding ladders.

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    pm sent,wayne
    Discretion assured - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857
    please visit our web site: uksha1
    or find us on facebook
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    Many thanks to Wayne and WB for your offers of help.

    I must say I hadn't expected it, but my e-mail to X3M1 was answered immediately, and they're already sending me out a new rail assembly for €35 inc. carriage. [No quote, BTW, just: "It's on its way. Here's the invoice": not that €35 is anything to complain about.] Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be the right bits!

    WB, I'd still be really interested to see your rail design, as I absolutely agree with you about the limitations of the standard one. With my portable seats, I set my X3M1 ones up where I have narrower arcs of probability/safety and use my Bushwear ones where the arcs are wider (but where the likely ranges are less - due to the infamously bouncy rail on the Panther). This minimises the problem, but clearly both could be improved on.
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    Just to update anyone interested in this thread on the outcome...

    The rail assembly arrived yesterday, and even though X3M1 have changed some aspects of the design since I bought my ALU-1 seat, it fits perfectly.

    With a total time of 6 working days between contacting them about my problem and receiving the solution, and at very modest cost, I have to say they surpassed expectations, and then some!

    Well done the Danes!

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