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Thread: TASCO EURO CLASS 3-12X52

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    as title JAP OPTICS 30mm tube single post reticule, excellent condition few light scratches, what more can i say about this top notch scope, which are getting hard to find, was going to keep this for a 17 but i need a new clutch in my truck so needs must 130 delivered next day insured,pictures on request

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    Tasco scope

    Hi Mate
    I have sent you about 7-8 PMs and have yet to get a reply, do you know how to type !

    What a W----R this bloke is !

    Does anybody know this guy ?


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    i sold him a .223 rifle, spoke to him a few times, cash arrived in registered post. very happy, nice bloke, but as you say he probably is a worker!

    mind you theres' a few sherman tankers out there! i think they mostly buy 22-250's though

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    Tasco scope

    Hi Mate
    Yes I think you are right I think he works in the Desert and he is a Shermantanker full weight lol, I know that he has had similar post as well


    Right Shermantanker Ha ha ha !


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    h mate have not received any pms off you, don't know why , i have been away for a few days, if you want to get in touch with me email me at , also mate if you want to come to my house and call me a w--ker i will send you my address, i have other things in my life than sitting at a computer all day

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