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Thread: Teckel tracks its first fox

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    Teckel tracks its first fox

    My teckels are trained for deer but I take them out everyweekend for driven hunts. The last couple of weeks though they have been the eyes in the back of my head and allowed me to shoot three sneaker foxes.

    Last weekend was different. I was in position and two foxes were coming to my position. With my blaser combination I decided to take the bigger fox and rolled it at 30 yards with a load of BBs. The fox picked its self up and ran off into the gorse. As I reloaded the teckels broke position and went after the fox. I reloaded and could hear the older dog barking in the gorse. I cautiously approached and the fox slunk out of the gorse into another patch. The teckel was onto it and for the first time had a hold the back leg and wasn't going to let go. The younger one joined in the fray. When I got within 6 feet I called her back to the heel and dispatched the fox.

    Normally I probably wouldn't have found that mortally wounded fox but the teckels weren't letting this one get away.

    13 on the deck before lunch

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    sounds like a cracking day out !

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    16 the week before. Teckels helped point out three sneaker foxes. God thank the British for importing them. Government pays $10/scalp.

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