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Thread: Have you ever been shot?

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    Have you ever been shot?

    ...and lived (obv.) In a 'domestic' situation as opposed to serving or involved in military operations.


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    Yes i have been, with a shotgun by a freind at 70 yards with 36g 1s, took 3 friends shooting geese on stubble at my dads geese were sat. arranged to stand oppisite at either gate shooting a v position into the geese in front of us and further forward upo the field they then deciced to shoot straight away firing directly from the corner of the field at us i poked my head over hedge to have a look and whack hit in face and neck!

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    I've been hit with close proximity high velocity rifle bullet fragments twice. (multiple fragments each time) Both times a surgical fix.~Muir

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    Got shot in the fore head with no 6shot at 60yds when I was 17 and beating on a big estate, a woodcock got up and went forward low one of the guns had a go at it which hit me and brought blood.
    The gun was instantly dismissed from the line , and I ended up with two days driven shooting out of it as compensation I still have the scar to remind me.

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    yes three times
    once flighting ducks with a friend a freak ricochet pellet hit me just under my left eye hard enough to break blood vessels under the skin , i had a love bite there for a decade
    second time was by a walking gun when i was on the end of a beating line,he swung and fired at a woodcock it hit me in the chest and head with a barrell of 6s at about 60 yrds stung but didn't break the skin i had pellets lodged in the peak of my cap
    lastly i got a full blast of bird shot in the back from about 50 yrds that left a lovely full choke pattern in my northumbria wax again it was a muppet taking a shot at a low bird

    i shoot on my own these days
    a barony original

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    Got 17 air rifle pellet stuck in my ulna in my arm, been there for 13 years. No sign of lead poisoning yet.

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    Guy a work with got shot in the eye with an air rifle lost his eye pellets still in his head.

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    got hit in the chest by a .45 cal lead ball from a gallery pistol, left a bruise but no worse ball bounced back from the target frame
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    Got shot once after a pellet ricocheted off water while wildfowling , also got accused of shooting someone on a rough shoot with a 12 bore from over 300 yards !!!! After pointing out that the pellets had been up inin the air and pattered harmlessly down around him he still insisted I shot him !

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    yup jacket and lead core to face and right side from an AK bullet still got a bit in my top jaw from core, the jacket fragments cut me a bit ! i was one luck boy the tree died ! . and lots of times on game shoots beating but no harm done just lead rain lol

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