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Thread: Barrel Length .22 and .17HMR

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    Barrel Length .22 and .17HMR

    On the point of buying a new CZ .22 and puzzled. Is the shorter barrel version as accurate to, say 100m. as the longer length? Its certainly easier to carry around with a mod. on in the field.
    I'm shooting rabbit. Which model should I go for? I'm sure the synthetics are every bit as good as wood stocked, but I like quality and luckily can afford it at my time of life. Tempted by a Commemorative model with fluted barrel.
    Any tips? Should I get a trigger mod from the start?

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    hi i like the long one and i put a parkerhale on my cz and get a trigger kit.i got shorter barrel one as well .i still like the long one

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    Short barrel all day long can still shoot rabbits out to two hundred with the meters with the 17hmr
    yours Martyn.
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    I would also go for a short barrel, esp if ur doing any vehicle work out the window. Shorter the better.

    If ur shooting rabbits with subs (22) u won't notice the difference the majority should be 40-70m away (althou i wouldn't be shooting rabbits at 200m thou) and far nicer ppointable and better to handle esp with a mod on.

    I bought a 2nd hand 17hmr recently and it has a 19" barrel which is not long, but it will be getting chopped very shortly seems massive compared to my other rifles

    As for the commeertavie rifle for me a 22 or 17 is just a tool it gets looked after, but it'll still get knocked about on bike/pick up, so i wouldn't waste my money on fancy engraving or that (but thats my opinion, nothing aggainst folk wanting a nice rifle) also possibly a fluted barrel will make no difference other than looks, certainly not in a 22 atleast (possibly more benfical in 17hmr? but i'm sure somone more knowledgable will put me right), as barrel rarely heats up that much to affect accuracy

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    Thanks to all three of you for your input. Short barrel it is then!!

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    Not forgetting to make sure it is cut to a length that does not disturb the barrel harmonics to middle of the compensation wave...[ thread on this not too long ago]..after you have added a mod...a very good custom gunsmith will know about this.
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    Hi blaven, I've got an anschutz 1417 with a 14 inch barrel and I reckon its great. Plenty accurate enough and the trigger is really good. I don't find that the short barrel has compromised in any way. In fact, even hyper velocity .22's have chrono'd as fast and often faster than than manufacturers claim.

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    Not to dissuade you but my Anschutz was chopped to 14 inches and now it shoots a pattern like my shotgun!
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    could that be due to a bad crown
    Quote Originally Posted by Conor1 View Post
    Not to dissuade you but Anschutz was chopped to 14 inches and now it shoots a pattern like my shotgun!

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    A barrel over 16" will slow the bullet down on a .22lr , all the powder is fully burnt by around 14".

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