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Thread: baikal 12G o/u with 2 sets of barrels

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    baikal 12G o/u with 2 sets of barrels

    For sale is my classic Old Russian 12 bore over and under Baikal shotgun.

    This comes with 2 sets of numbered barrels (both 12 bore) and a fleece lined hard case.

    It is no longer possible to purchase this shotgun with 2 sets of barrels except on special order.

    The shotgun is a single trigger; ejecting and both sets of barrels have fixed chokes.

    It has a ventilated 6mm rib along each of the sets of barrels and is in perfect working order.

    The first set of barrels is 26.5 (from memory, the chokes are 3/4 and full)

    The second set of barrels is 28.5 (again, from memory the chokes are cylinder and half)

    2 inch chambers in both sets of barrels.

    Gun is in full working order and good condition.

    The only mark is one on the stock which is about 1mm deep and an inch and a half long and about 0.5 cm wide.

    It goes without saying that this is for shotgun certificate holders only.

    To give you an idea of prices, the only place I can find selling this shotgun new it costs 599 and second hand ones seem to be going for between 300 and 450.

    I would like 300 plus whatever rfd to rfd costs are if it cannot be collected.

    Thank you for looking and any questions please ask away.

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    I had exactly the same gun back in the eighties.It served me well,was always sorry I sold it!I think you have the chokings reversed.The 28 inch barrel normally has the tighter chokings.Good buy for someone!

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