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Thread: Get In!

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    Get In!

    1/2 term next week, just booked some fallow buck stalking for next friday. actually cant wait! will be good to get some stalking experience under the belt if nothing else. good practise for the DSC L1 aswell.

    hopefully will get up a pic or two if i take one.

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    Surely you should be doing the DSC 1 first? I know it isn't an essential requirement but you appear to be doing things a little 'ass about face'?

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    no not really, i have stalked before, doing the DSC L1 isnt a neccesity so i will do it when i can, im not gonna refuse an opportunity just because i havent done it.

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    Surely you should be doing the DSC 1 first?

    Why? For the last HUNDRED YEARS deer have been stalked in this country with modern rifles without the need for DSC 1 and for fifty years before that with older ones. Quite successfully.

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    enfield spares you utter legend.

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    I have DSC1 & 2 but am in total agreement with enfieldspares on this one

    Ive come across a lot of people with level 2 who cannot stalk well or shoot for s**t but somehow got the qualification.

    I dont agree or disagree with level 1 & 2. I have them because some places I hunt require it so it suits my purpose.

    I guess you like it MS as a "nice little earner"

    Each to there own


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    Quite right, you will learn far more in a couple of outings with a good stalker than you will in a month of classroom teaching if you are anything like me. Too many people are demanding qualifications these days. If it is not law then it is up to the individual how he or she partakes in their chosen activity.

    Totally agree with Max and enfieldspares i think alot of people will feel the same.

    Enjoy next week teddyw86.

    ATB cervushunter.

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    My comment was meant in jest mate, please take no offence. I agree that you will learn more from an experienced stalker. I would much rather see mentoring than enforced DSC courses. God only knows how police can justify issuing a deer legal firearm off the back of a DSC 1 course. You don't learn too much about practical safety in a classroom for three days!

    And to reply to you Max,

    Quote Originally Posted by Max
    I guess you like it MS as a "nice little earner"
    I have never charged for a DSC 2 stalk and never intend to either. But you knew that anyway!
    Enjoy your stalk Teddy and let us know how it went.

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    cheers MS no offence taken mate! should be good i hope. will endevous to get a pic up by end of next week.

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    don't think this stalking trip will actually do anything for your DSC 1 training
    but what it will do is give you a better insight to what is all about and hopefully gain you some hard earned experience
    but as with all first stalks, excitement often overcomes the learning
    so go and enjoy
    forget about the camera unless you managed to a grass something
    which i hope you do
    really look forward to hearing how you get on
    successful or not
    does not matter
    look forward to hearing anyway

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