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Thread: 22/250 for sale, as new.

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    22/250 for sale, as new.

    I've got a 22/250 for sale, below is the spec..

    Remington Model Seven
    Stainless Steel action and barrel
    Laminate stock

    This rifle has only had 20 rounds through it to sight up.

    Scope is a Bushnell Legend 5-15 x 40

    With the superb Hilver mounts and bases.

    Rifle and scope as new.

    This rifle and furniture would normally set you back about 1000.00, I am asking 650.00 (no offers please) for a very quick sale. RFD to RFD at cost.

    Any questions please ask.

    Reason for sale, I'm just not using it!

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    Danger Mouse, Message sent (I think, if i've got lucky and picked the five minutes in each day when the website is working properly!!) JC

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    I got your pm's mate, and have replied.

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    Still for sale.

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    Wow, thats just like mine. Picked it up on here. Nice gun for someone.

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    I'm not interested in the scope. Please PM me if you choose to break it apart and sell the rifle with rings separately.


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