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    Who sets the requirement for needing DSC1 to be able to stalk or join a syndicate?

    If you have done DSC 1 what does it prove, does it prove that you are better than the next man who has not done it?

    I have shot deer but dont have time to sit the DSC1.


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    the FC and all (as far as i know) forestry groups set that you need a minimum of DSC 1 and some / most say you need level 2
    the dsc 1 and 2 are not just about shooting deer, there is a safety test and a shooting test. identification,seasons and so on.
    If you believe you have the know how to pass the test with out sitting there for 3 days on the course,then you can book a to sit the test.
    I'm sure you could find time to do this.

    its not just about shooting deer


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    I must admit ,Ihave been stalking for 20 years and like to think I take a responsible veiw to deer managment and saftey,also Iknow a guy who has only shot 1 deer but has got his level 1 and this means he can possibly shoot on forestry ground that I cant get on!
    while I suppose Iwas lucky to have a good mentor,the dscq is a good grounding for beginers and think it should and prob will become mandatory at some point.
    untill then I wont be getting it,would rather spend my cash and time shooting!!

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    where i come from , you have to do the dsc1 to be able to get a rifle of deer caliber on your permit..
    Having done this, i think it has more posatives than negatives.
    You will probably learn a lot more in those few days than you thought.
    The dsc is not such a bad thing...
    Just my oppinion

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    The short answer about "who sets the requirement" is that the requirement is set by the people defining the rules and conditions, be it for a lease, a syndicate, a certificate or whatever. I'm not saying that they are right or wrong, just that they are setting the rules

    In the crudest terms - it's their game, and if you want to play the game you have to play by their rules.

    So far as the DSC1, in the words of DMQ:

    "Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 (DSC1) is a basic qualification for deer stalkers and managers. It is a largely knowledge based qualification which enables candidates to demonstrate their understanding of basic deer management principles and meat hygiene, and to show competence in shooting at simulated targets."

    So technically all it 'proves' is that you have achieved the level of competence required to meet the acceptance criteria defined for the examinations. Nothing there about being better, bigger, stronger, smarter, etc.

    Whatever, I enjoyed my DSC1 and would encourage others to do likewise, not for what it does or doesn't prove, but for what you will learn and the friends you will make.


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    Like all things in life eventually you need that little peice of paper to say that you can do it/know how to do it - to be able to do it. Its all about liability, accountability and relevance.

    The FC demand that you have to do L1 & 2 then do a FC test to be able to shoot on their land. They all abide by the same rules themselves and you have to retake their test every year.

    Estates can't afford in the modern world to allow people to shoot modern rifles willy-nilly (despite the money that could be paid to do so)- a skyline shot with a high powered rifle will eventually end in tears. The levels and training undertaken takes away the estates need to varify you as a competant shot (in theory) not that it negates their responsability but allows them all to set a certain standard approved by all authories.

    To be honest the written test is a test of common sense and the shooting test is well, just that -

    Despite some peoples justfied arguements that the DSC 1 & 2 is no where near complex enough nor sets enough criteria to establish a competant stalker - it is what's set currently as the standard - without it you just limit your options.


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    We can discuss the merits of DSC1, and probably wonít reach a consensus.

    Lets look at it from the landowners point of view. If he lets shooting to people proven to be trained he has gone a long way to satisfying his responsibilities under H&S requirements and taken the care that his insurance company would consider reasonable.

    DSC1 in that context is useful to him. Lets face it he probably hasnít the knowledge/skill or time to evaluate a stalkers competence by other methods. Perhaps the only alternative is references from another landowner who lets stalking.

    He is also likely to insist you are insured hence BASC/NGO membership.

    Of course not all landowners are scrupulous in this, and colleagues who have held stalking leases for years without DSC1 will have satisfied landlords of their competence and probably be know personally. Larger landowners such as the Forestry Companies are more likely to insist on DSC, and arenít short candidates with DSC for any stalking they let.

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    got to agree with cmj
    forestry and land owners must have a way to cover themelves against any eventuality
    and an official qualification of some sort certainly fits the bill,I am lucky in that I have known my landowner personnaly for 20 years and he is happy with what we do ,
    I know the time will come when I have to sit it and prob will learn a lot and enjoy it but untill then I wont be doing it
    Its definatly a good start to new stalkers though .but a peice of paper dosent make you an expert or a safe shot ,IKNOW GUYS WITH LEVEL 1 &2 and wouldnt trust them to cull rubber ducks at the fairground never mind deer!!

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I'm not trying to discredit DSC1.

    I will have to find the time to take it.

    Just having a friday moan


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    Quote Originally Posted by WARDY1
    Just having a friday moan
    Must have been a bad week Steve - you've started early!

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