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Thread: Buying from NZ?

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    Buying from NZ?

    Hi guys, I am considering buying a swazi smock. Has anyone ever brought one of they're website and had it shipped to the uk? If so what did you have to pay when it got here I.e to customs and any extra carriage charges?

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    ive bought loads of stuff from them.
    Some of it has attracted a charge some hasn't . I can't work out why some does and some doesn't its not down to cost!
    its something like an 8 handling charge and my wapiti cost was about 20 on taxes.
    that new tahr Xp smock looks superb

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    I bought a Tahr smock from them about 6 months ago. It turned up a couple of weeks later and there was nothing else to pay. Great service all round.

    Make sure you join Clan Swazi before you place your order (it's free) and you get extra benefits, deals, discounts, etc.

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    I am NZ based and happy to help if needed.
    As part of our local SAR group, we get issued some Swazi gear for the use of, and I have to say it is generally top notch. Another manufacturer here that makes absolutely bullet proof gear is Cactusclimbing equipment in Christchurch. Their stuff is not dircted at the hunting market (as name suggests) but i have yet to find anyone with a bad word about them or the gear they make.
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