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Thread: Deerhunter Rusky

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    Deerhunter Rusky

    See this is on offer in my size. Opinions from current users please, Jim

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    I bought a pair of Rusky bib and brace trousers about three months ago, ready for winter high seat outings. They are well made, seriously well insulated and comfortable to wear. Albeit I haven't yet tried them in winter, I think it would be difficult to get cold in them. Probably getting too hot would be the more likely issue.

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    Where abouts are they on offer, if you don't mind me asking

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    Just ordered a jacket and bib and brace in green from sportsman gun centre, 168 total including delivery. Can't be bad. I found the previous thread on them and took the plunge.

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    I've got the risky jacket, it has a removable jacket inside. It's a brilliant jacket, so warm!
    in winter it was great.
    Im going to start taking it out again this weekend, without the inside jacket.

    ​i need to get the trousers now.

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    I used there bib & brace for the highseat in the winter, great piece if kit, can get really warm if your walking along way in it tho,

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    Got a set for sitting up for boar very warm but as said before you don't want to walk to far

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    I used to own a Rusky - I got it when they first came out. One day I took it stalking when it was -15 deg down near Reading (my mate was sat in area not far from me that his Ranger truck registered -19.5deg)

    i had to take the inner coat off as it was too hot, my mate put it on under his jacket!

    swapped for Harkila now, not too different with the Harkila Annaboda under it (Kodiak I use with Pro Hunt trousers)


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    I used my Rusky bib and brace yesterday evening for the first time. Sitting in a high seat in an exposed location in Lincs with the temperature about freezing and a biting NW wind. I stayed as warm as toast and was able to stay for an hour and a half without shivering. Managed to bag a good pricket at last light. One for my freezer.
    The cold plus a touch of arthritis usually has me packing up before the joints seize and I risk descending quicker than I would wish to. Full marks to the Rusky.

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    Brilliant gear. Used the trousers last week in a cold wind. As stated warm as toast. Using jacket but still not cold enough to put lining in yet. Jacket tested in very wet conditions, got home dry top half. And the hood works well. Not like the pretend things stuck on some bespoke hunting jackets.

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