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Thread: Best harsh winter High seat clothing

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    Best harsh winter High seat clothing

    Looking ahead as I will probably spending many days motionless in high seats this winter I am interested what is the best and warmest clothing for spending several hours static on cull days. I tried last year with icebreaker underlayers, fleece midlayers and harkila pro-hunter outers but still froze my knackers off when there was horizontal snow. I know some people used some of the cabelas or snugpak gear, what is everyone elses experience and recommendations?

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    Have a look at a 'Dew Liner' mate. Canadian made Army issue for extreme cold climates. I used to wear them in Norway and Germany in the winter. I've got one you can try if you like. Good to minus 40 degrees!
    Here's one:

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    Deer hunter ruskys ive tested in Sweden and finland to -26 managed to sit in a waiting house foor 4 hours and could still move afterwards, I did have heat packs and x2 thermals though.
    frozen eye lashes.

    -21c sweden

    -19c finland

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    Cheers MS I will have a look.

    That rusky gear looks good as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Have a look at a 'Dew Liner' mate. Canadian made Army issue for extreme cold climates. I used to wear them in Norway and Germany in the winter. I've got one you can try if you like. Good to minus 40 degrees!
    Here's one:
    I will second that, we were issued these in Afghan as it gets surprisingly cold on a winters night sat in a sanger. Amazing bit of kit. So warm I had to stop myself falling asleep.

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    +1 for deer hunter rusky gear

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    A female Pro-Stalker!

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    I bought a set of big bills wood'n trail waterproof insulated camo bib and brace before last christmas (from baileys in the US), they are superb even sat out in a pigeon hide in the middle of last winters cold spells, dont need much on top to keep warm with them. Really impressed with them and they have a nice silent fleece material outer so dont make noise when you move about. I would have another pair in a flash, cost $79 without shipping and import duty on them.

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    Home page

    ​Call these guys they sell great kit and do a lot of stalking and will point you in the right direction!

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    Concentrate on your head, feet and hands.

    Head will dissipate most heat as the blood circulation won't be restricted, so it's important to use good gear and thus preserve body heat. I use a custom made balaclava when it's really cold and/or windy. Using several layers is wise since you can adapt to different temperatures by adding, not changing gear.

    Feet will get cold if you lose body heat and your natural mechanism starts to restrict blood circulation. It's important to have enough room, just stuffing extra socks in boots is not going to make it. If you don't require mobility some form of Ansitzsack to cover your feet and lower body would be easy (you can use sleeping back if it's not noisy). Obviously works best in enclosed high seat. I've been very pleased with these (just the first UK link I found)

    Sorel Glacier Snow Boot - Protection down to Minus 70 degrees Centigrade | Countryside

    Hands are even tougher than feet. They suffer from same restricted circulation, but usually you must use them thus discard at least the outer layer of protection. I use some form of thin gloves, usually cheap goat skin mechanics gloves, which stay on at all times. On top of them I have warm mittens (don't use gloves, you want to keep fingers together for warmth), or I can tuck the hands inside my BIBs if I need to warm them up a bit.

    For the rest of the body I just use an insulated BIB, of course some form of inner layers, and maybe fleece blankets to cover my thighs and shoulders. If mobility is required, you can use large size fleece jacket/shirt on top, it really cuts down on noise. I've used these also in open high seats while snowing, it just means you have to dry them up properly before next use.

    Oh, and don't forget separate gear for carcass retrieval etc. especially if you need to continue the high seat work. I usually try to shed a layer or two, change mittens to leather working gloves and maybe use a boonie hat (stops snow drift from low branches down your collar) when it's time to retrieve the beasts.

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