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Thread: SD Trip To Scotland

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    SD Trip To Scotland

    Well where to start after such a fantastic five days

    Got to be festers Knees you wont see another pair like em.. Reminded me of a certain Mexican lady from my forces days

    Meeting at Malcs for the Sunday afternoon/evening we all settled in for a beer and some entertainment from Wadas,Fester and the crew
    After a drive like that it only took a couple of beers and for those that werenít snoring in front the log fire the rest of us made off for our beds..

    With an emphasis on training and experience for level 2 or for those that needed some stalking to get one or more signed off Malc had us check zeroing Monday morning so with a shortage of snipers stepping forward it was jingzy that braved the heckling and was first off the mark..

    Zeroing completed we headed off for a breathtaking tour of the beautiful hills with the boundaries being clearly explained and those amongst us not quite up to being hill fit realising Malcs legs are a good bit longer than they look..
    We were then sorted into groups after a discussion on our individual needs with regards to training or those hoping to be lucky on the hill and if done correctly get one signed off..

    I was teamed up with jingzy who immediately had me at ease with a briefing before setting off for our first stalk. However i new i was in trouble immediately as the noise scaring all the deer away was my lungs beating through my rib cage , looking at jingzy who was barely drawing a breath i suddenly realised the raising of my binos every twenty seconds would see me get off the hill heart intact

    It was amazing to be up on the hill and certainly a very different stalking experience..
    Unfortunately my first stalk onto two sika spikers was not an easy one as the terrain took its toll and I was busted .. Back at Malcs we entered what we could into the portfolio and had another amazing night with the best and most hilarious company..

    Heartbreak ridge was targeted for the next day and from Malcs window is deceptively daunting until experienced as the whole hill can be covered much more quickly than you might at first think..
    I think the fact we could all see without the use of binos the biggest rack youíve ever seen on the skyline had a few lads hoping to reach for both the check book and pacemaker ..

    Meeting jingzy we had a brief and plan of action for our afternoon/evening stalk and made off for the hill.. Making for a group of reds and if busted dropping down a hundred feet hoping to drop on some sika.. Because of the immense amount of dead ground we spooked a group of red hinds and amongst them a beautiful stag..
    Well that was it .. My heart was already thumping from the climb and dropping to ground was amazed as they bumped out moving from left to right..

    As the stag stopped to survey the commotion the shot saw him fall on the spot and not move again..
    After much smiling, picture taking and shaking of hands and gralloch completed I was determined to drag him back off the hill on my own.. Big mistake.. Why they donít make anchors for boats antler shape I will never now but after a good few stops and pounding of lungs we made it..

    I would like to thank jingzy for making me feel so at ease through what could have been a daunting experience carrying out the gralloch and larder work.. It was a pleasure to be out on the hill with such a knowledgeable, likeable and professional man..
    I hope to see you again John as guest in my house for some sika down south..

    Thanks also to all the rest of the guys for making the time in Scotland so funny and so unforgettable.. There were some lifelong friendships made round Malcs campfire..

    And of course a huge thanks to Malc and John.. Sincerely it was a truly awesome and unforgettable experience laid on for the benefit of fellow hunters/stalkers by two truly generous men..
    Well done fellas it was an awesome time..

    To the guys looking for the same experience next year I would start the physical training probably the week after next ..
    Turn up having put the time in preparing, with the right equipment, a smile and respect for those that are giving so freely of their time and you will have the time of your life..


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    Wow Terry, Well done for a great result and enjoyable write up. Hell of a nice beast.

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    Well done Terry,

    A very good write up and a cracking photo to finish, are you getting him mounted?

    What was the weight of the big fella? I'd imagine that it was a very long drag back to the house, but worth the effort.

    Well done to all involved.


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    Re: SD Trip To Scotland

    Glad you had a good time Terry well done.

    A quick tip for you about dragging, the antlers act as an anchor to try and tell you your dragging it the wrong way. You will find it much easier to drag a deer form its head end, stags are the best of all as they have built in handles.

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    It sounds like a great time was had by all, and what a fantastic stag - you must be delighted. Are you planning on having it shoulder mounted or - hang the expense - get the full beast done


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    Well done mate, you got one. He looks like a monster, what did he weigh??

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    Well done to the ones that got a beast always nice but it is not the wining in Scotland that counts but the taking part so well done to all who went i hope you had a great time and i am sure Jon was his curtius self.

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    Hi guys

    Thanks for comments

    I was expexting after the drag a weight in excess of twenty stone but infact tipped the scales just over 160..

    Im going to do a long nose cut myself as have skinned it at mo and have it in a bucket of water..

    i will post a pickie when its up in the hall..



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    A great experiance had by all.

    Great stag Terry


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