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Thread: Rape Stubble....

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    Rape Stubble....

    A change to my local shooting found me in a rape field on the back of Southend Air Port…
    I went with Peter Theobald and his guest, half of the rape has been cut in this 60 acre field. There have been plenty of pigeons feeding on it from day one of cutting; the only way to shoot it was 2 field hides as there are local pigeons and 3 flight lines over it.
    I was 300 yards down wind of the other hide which cut me off until the lines picked up. During the day the birds would switch from one set up then the second giving all a good bit of shooting…
    I clicked 129 and picked 124 Peter and his guest 128 and picked 124 with 1 crow each..


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    Cracking day well done to all of you.
    I am going to try my luck on Friday hopefully as the farmers have started cutting the rape.

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    Looks like you had a good day there,
    It reminded me many years ago I went out with a mate from the ex services mans club , It was a lovely warm morning and we split up , I thought I would just back into this hedge after putting out the decoy's out , some time later I was rudely woken up by Dick who said he hadn't heard any shots but had seen loads of pigeon piling in to my area, they were the days .


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    Well done cracking day by the looks of things, No rape cut around here yet they have only just started spraying it !

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