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Thread: Cabinet Alarm ?

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    Cabinet Alarm ?

    Anyone got a link to a cabinet alarm or recommend one which will keep the authorities happy?


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    not needed mate tell the authorities to think again be very firm but fair and eventally they get the point

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    There are a few around like this.

    If your cabinet is in a cupboard where no-one else is supposed to be then put it high up in the corner and hide the remote.
    I suppose it could go in the cabinet but if they get in there then it's a bit late and they must be very determined.

    I take the view that more security = more peace of mind.

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    If you are required to install an alarm system and that is a very big IF, find out what the specification of the system required is before wasting time and money on any inferior mickey mouse system.
    I have not been involved with intruder alarm systems but I do know about fire detection and alarm systems and the number of people who go off and get the local electrician to fit a totally inadequate domestic system in commercial premises just has to be seen to be believed. They then land up having to start all over again with the additional cost and upheaval.
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