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Thread: .243 vs .25-06 ??

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    .243 vs .25-06 ??

    Well I have just ordered a new HOWA Varmint in .243, but I am now wondering whether or not a .25-06 would really be the better/more versatile option???
    I do already have and use a .308 for bigger stuff (and everything else )
    I am after the .243 as a flatter shooting foxer (.308 is a tad loopy @ 150grns) and as a stalking round for mainly Munties and Roe.
    I did seriously consider varying my old .243 for a .25-06 a few years back but it was just one of those many things I didn't get round to doing and once the rifle was sold I just kept the .243 slot floating, I suppose the short action .243 will allow a .243Ackley Improved tube to be added at a later date.... what do you chaps reckon, bearing in mind I already have a .308, would you change the .243 slot to a .25-06 or just stick with .243..............???

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    In short no mate I would keep the 243 amd 308. I was told by an old friend why get rid of my 308 and get a 222!! My answer was I wanted a smaller caliber and I loved my 243! His reply was with the 243 and 308 there wasnt anything on the brittish mainland I couldnt shoot and even if the notion was to take me I could take it over to africa if I wanted!!! I didnt listen and rue getting snot of the 308 and buying the 222 it lay in the cupboard and was never used as I got a bit of ground with some reds on it and the 222 was no use over there except for foxey and no way was I going to go over with the 222 and have to wave at a red or shout bang!!! I have now this very week traded my 243 and 222 in for a 25-06 as I am for ever getting more red stalking through good friends. Now if I kept the 308 I would also still have my sako 243 which was a wrench getting rid of but no way could I afford a third rifle even the £400 cash I would need to have found for the 25-06!!


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    nico243. Try some sako 123grain in the .308. It may give you a slightly different perspective.

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    Don't know about a 123gn Sako head but if you load it with a 130gn Hornady head and drive it to the max' that 308 will of dropped a 1/3 more and have a hundred ft lbs of energy less at 300yrds than a 100gn 25-06 will.

    Best rgds


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    Excellent. So the 25-06 is flatter at a distance that you wont be shooting anything at, which would also make the energy uplift pointless. As a consequence of ordering these rounds for me, two local RFD's now sell more of these than any other .308 ammunition. Just thought that £20 of ammo might be worth trying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssgpiv
    Excellent. So the 25-06 is flatter at a distance that you wont be shooting anything at,
    And flatter at distance you will be shooting at,(300yrds too far?) most serious stalkers hand load.

    PS I donít own a 308 or a 25-06, just pointing out the facts, do the facts upset you

    Best rgds


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    YES the 25.06 does it for me.


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    Hi Thar. Why is it that most serious stalkers handload. No not upset at all. I like the look of the balistics of the 25-06 just not sure that the flatter shooting harder hitting round, would require the effort and cost of a change of rifle. Seems quite alot of expense for little benefit.

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    Bloody nice post

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssgpiv
    Hi Thar. would require the effort and cost of a change of rifle. Seems quite alot of expense for little benefit.
    I posted not to try and convince you to change the rifle that you own.

    The point I was trying to emphasize was if you asked most stalkers which round hits harder at 100yrds a 130gn 308 bullet or say a 117gn 25-06 bullet (is 100yrds more like the range you would shoot deer at?) then most would say the 308 would produce more energy, but they would be wrong, .308:-2076 ft-lbs, 25-06:- 2113 ft-lbs. and as you increase the range the better ballistics of the 25-06 just open the advantage up. Even though at the muzzle the 308 produces more energy.

    I have used 130gn in my old 308 and the theory I found was backed up by results on the range.

    In reality in the woods there is a lot more to putting a deer in the larder than the theoretical advantage of one caliber over another, but if you are looking for a new rifle then sometimes a bit of home work can be enlightening.

    Remember if events had taken a different course the British military would of dropped the .30cal back in 1914, then they tried to drop it in 1955 but the Yanks wanted a .30 cal so that is what NATO got. If they had got there wish and the British army had used a 270/7mm rifle for the past 85 years were do you think the 308 would be today?

    Best rgds


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