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Thread: shot my first muntjac

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    shot my first muntjac

    after a conversation in the week with re M ington off the site
    where i invited him over to my patch for some stalking
    he said why dont you come over to me if you like and try for
    a muntjac .
    as id never shot one before this was too good an oppertunity
    to miss and didnt need asking twice so the date was arranged
    for yesterday evening .
    this was just where my problems began though in the course of
    yesterday muggins here decides hes gonna jump on mrs
    roedinators horse well all going well when it puts in a buck and
    i fly up out of the saddle and felt an allmighty pain down below
    so i jump off doubled up in pain and can hardly walk
    im meeting martin at 5 oclock and at 4 oclock im at the back door
    trying to get my boots on thinking this just aint happening
    but i wont give in and manged to get my self over to martins
    it pissed down with rain all the way over there and i mean heavy
    rain im thinking everthing is against this stalk but hopeing the rain
    would stop and the sun come through which when i got to martins
    it did so off we went to his ground i could hardly get out of his truck
    when we arrived and just about put one foot in front of the other
    martin was very patient and waited for me to scrabble on behind him
    well we just turned the first bend and M had spotted something sure
    enough a muntie buck chasng a doe M said if you can mate ten yards
    to the end of the fence take the shot well i managed to get there the heavy rain had made it very slippery and i was in **** loads of pain
    but laid down rifle on the bipod glass the buck through the leicas at
    187 yds across a lovely valley that M has just waiting for a clear shot
    when he chases the doe into the bushes and vanishes im hopeing ive
    not missed my chance so i let M do his field work and we make our way
    across to the bottom of the valley where the buck vanished
    M leaves me tucked in under a hedge viewing one side the vally while
    he pops onto a ridge viewing the other side in case the buck reappears
    well after about ten minutes an object appears about forty yards away
    sure enough muntie buck but not providing a clear shot i reached for
    the sticks and he vanished again martin explained earlier how elusive
    they are well all of a sudden he appeared 70 yds away just about to
    go behind a hedge and up into a wood but i was not happy with the
    shot he was behind tallish grass and some bramble i didnt want the
    bullet breaking up and fluffing the shot so i gambled to let him move
    forward for a clearer shot but hopeing not to go the two yards that would
    see him lost behind the hedge well my gamble paid off as he stepped
    forward rifle on the sticks i squezed on the trigger and the 7mm 08 ackley
    improved sent a homeloaded 120 grain siera prohunter on its way
    and back came the reassureing sound of a thud didnt see it run or fall
    anything just a nice thud helped by the ase ultra jet z
    martin gestured if all was well and i gave the thumbs up as he made he way over we waited about five minutes then made our way over to where
    i had marked the buck sure enough he was laid stone dead where he fell
    a nice handshake and martin performed the gralloch the shot was slightly
    back liver and lungs shredded no green and no damage from the seven mill so well pleased back to martins for a cuppa and a good chat .
    a brilliant evening and a big thank you to reMington for his hospitality
    and providing me with my first muntie pictures to follow . pete .

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    Sounds like you had a good time despite the injury.
    I'm envoius. Never shot muntjak myself...



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    greg im laid up today off work on crutches
    but bloody worth it after last night
    all the best for your first muntie
    elusive little buggers though .
    ATB pete .

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    Nice one Pete and good on 'ya Martin.

    A good result after a painfull day.

    When you started saying ' I jumped on the missus' i thought hat the hell you were going to say


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    jonathon thanks mate
    she just throws me off
    pete .

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    Pete, well done mate - you're welcome to up here anytime to have a go for another one. Not such good news about you being thrown. I've been talked into going hunting in next March. I've not sat on a horse for years, and never been in an air ambulance...yet!

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    well done mate

    I'm jealous. After several attempts my first munty eludes me.

    I wondered about the "jumped on the mrs" comment. Reminds me;

    Have you ever tried the Rodeo position? Get her on all fours, take her from behind, reach down and fondle her breasts, finally lean forward and whisper "your tits feel just like your sisters" then see if you can stay on for 8 seconds!!

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    Well done Mate.

    I got my first - well 4 munties a few weeks ago.

    Great little creatures.


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    Re: well done mate

    Quote Originally Posted by shootingduckdog
    Have you ever tried the Rodeo position? Get her on all fours, take her from behind, reach down and fondle her breasts, finally lean forward and whisper "your tits feel just like your sisters" then see if you can stay on for 8 seconds!!
    Brilliant! just made me chuckle out load in a quiet office!

    ....congrats on the Munty Roedinator 8)

    Now back to work for me....

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    moonraker 68 would love to come up one day mate
    sorry couldent make the social night wed working

    shootingduckdog id love to try that one night but i think
    my injuries would be worse than i have t the moment
    i suppose i could tie her up first so i wouldent get
    a slap

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