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Thread: Onward Virgin.

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    Onward Virgin.

    Meant to post this earlier. On my recent trip to South Africa, I travelled with Virgin. I know there's been discussion on this forum before.
    May I say I enjoyed a trouble free journey to and fro with great help from the staff reassuring me that rifles were aboard. NO fees for the rifles either!!!
    I recommend them for your trips.
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    That is good news
    Was that H'row-Jo'burg or H'row-Cape Town?

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    Edinburgh/Heathrow/Jo'burg. The great thing was my luggage was checked through all the way from Edinburgh. No fannying around with customs in London. Bloody marvellous. I nearly missed a flight to Namibia one time waiting for the fattest, most disreputable customs officer in the world to waddle along and check my rifles. With deep insincerity, he mumbled through his stubble and rotting teeth -
    "Hope you make your flight."
    Annoyed? Moi?
    So, take a Virgin, will be my new motto.

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