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Thread: reloading gear wanted

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    reloading gear wanted

    just getting into this reloading lark as the cost of fl rounds are getting beyond a joke now.

    im looking for some reloading kit for 243 and 308.

    thanks guys

    scotish borders area

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    Reloading gear

    Mick I bought mine over a period of several months from Fleaby USA. Even buying a heavy item such as an RCBS Rockchucker press worked out cheaper than buying here in the UK. I found it useful to set up an auto search and then see what it finds. Sometimes contacting sellers and offering to buy 2 or 3 of their items not only came cheaper but significantly reduced the postage or the "shipping" as the Yanks call it.

    Here's an example:

    On the first page alone he has a number of other reloading items and in all lists 9 pages. I would buy the dies new though, at least you then know they aren't worn.


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    Damn...i just gave a spare press away.

    If you only stalk then don't bother investing in large presses and masses of kit. Contact Reloading Solutions and buy the simple Lee Hand press kit and your dies. It'll easily reload batches of 100 at a time and you'll get change from 70.

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    Almost forgot - you must live nearby so send me a pm and i'll help you out if you need someone to run through the process with you.

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    cheers scotsgun,ive pm you

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