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Thread: montaria in portugal

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    montaria in portugal

    chance to join a montaria in portugal in late nov dates are now set at =leave thur 21st nov,return mon 25th
    12 guns (I think 6 have been taken)
    exclusive hunts (no one else will join in except our contact in portugal)on private land
    This trip has come about due to friends asking to join ,I am not an agent or middle man the price you see is the price we all pay and go's straight to the landowner and is a huge saving compared with other offerings

    whats included
    5 nights accomodation
    3 full days hunting
    all meals and drinks while we are hunting
    all transport
    hunting licence and insurance
    unlimited boars and no trophy fees

    all this for the sum of £1200 (this is bare bones cost, no middle men or agents commision to pay)

    location is about 2 hours from lisbon near the spainish border, expect good warm weather although it does rain at that time in portugal

    whats not included

    flights (about £120 with easyjet from luton)
    food or drink other than at during the hunt (i.e back at the hotel in the evening)

    you will need

    a european firearms pass
    airline approved security case
    calibre large enough to handle boar ,308, 270,30.06 etc all fine
    big big big knife (optional, the portugese love to get up close and personel to finish them off)
    a good sense of humour
    williness to join in the crack
    like a drink (or two)
    not be up yer own arse

    the portugese are a social and friendly lot who love eating ,drinking and talking and to be honest thats what the montaria is all about,with hunting coming a second best so if you go with that mindframe ,you will enjoy it, I can't promise everyone will shoot boar but its the luck of the draw as in most hunting,but having said that the area we are hunting was recced a few weeks ago while out on holiday and is very nice indeed with large amounts of boar in the area.

    I will need a 50% deposit on booking, I will only need this once all 12 guns are confirmed,once this is done I will transfer the deposit to the contact in portugal, the oustanding balance to be paid 4 weeks before we leave
    you can either book yer own flight or I can do a block booking (prefered option that way everyone arrives in lisbon at the same time ,there will be no back and forward with transport).
    if anyone wants a reference about me or the last trip (back in 2011)then some of the lads who went out there last time from on here would no doubt shout up
    there are
    thats about it, anymore questions give me a shout

    if this is over subscibed then it will be names in a hat

    (note. the deposit and airfare(if block booked) once paid will be non refundable (if someone is willing to step in if someone drops out and pay the full amount then you could get the money back minus any costs for name change etc)

    thanks for looking


    p.s don;t panic if I don't answer pms right away just very busy right now, but will get round to it.
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    I was on this trip last time and would jump at it this time except I'm already booked up for Nov, Dec and Jan.

    Graham's trip will not let you down.


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    thanks stan I forgot to put yer name on the list, where are you off to now ??

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    November is Salmon on the Tweed followed a week later the first week of December by Boar trip to Serbia and then Boar in France at end of January.
    Had your trip been organised earlier I would certainly have joined you.

    All the best.


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    Just to let everyone know I am involved with organising this hunt along with graham he has posted what's on offer which exactly how I would of put it only with spelling mistakes and no grammar . I was over in Portugal a few weeks ago checking out the areas we will be hunting and they are fantastic if anyone wants to speak to me in person or have a few pictures sent then just pm me and ill try and fill you in on the sort of awesome countryside we will be hunting in it was truly fantastic. whilst out there I had three nights in high seats shooting with the moon and between me and my Portuguese friend we accounted for four boar but saw many more and the areas that we will hunt in for the montarias where full of boar sign so I'm really looking forward to this trip thanks Brian

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    Just to say before anyone starts on about trade membership, we were contacted over this hunt and as no profit is being made it simply being a good deal for our members, the decision was made that no trade membership was necessary.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    thanks john,I did think about contacting the site admin but it really is what you see, me and swatty are joint organisers with our friends out in portugal and are paying the same rate as the other guns ,the costs are split fair and square, and as you point out is a really good chance to shoot driven boar in portugal without the heafty agent charges.

    many thanks


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    When happyhunt says the crack believe me that is what is a great part of this trip.
    i went on the last trip and ive been invited on this trip.
    i have no hesitation what so ever im in.
    if you need a gun case fitting with silver gaffer tape and reshaping im your man.
    i can endorse all that as been said, i had three boar on the ground the first hunt if you have not experiance a monteria this would be a great way at a great price to try very exciting way to hunt. and a trip too remember.
    I look forward to seeing you guys again and any new shooters

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    Attachment 31479what like this ablert , I loved that case like a newborn you know .glad yer coming back with us anyway.


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