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Thread: Stick making

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    Stick making

    Hi, I have been thinking of making a stick for a while. I have a stick/shaft that is seasoned and varnished with a spike on the bottom which is 27mm at the end were the handle will go.

    My question is, is there any one on here that can make/roughly shape me a black buffalo horn turn out sheppards crook handle of the correct diameter that I can finnish and fit? if so how much will it cost delivered to me.

    I'm after something like this, maybe with a bigger turn out if that's possible

    Buffalo horn crook



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    I have a market stick made from rams horn, it is mounted on a hazle shaft and just needs dressing, you could have for 20pounds
    If that is any help to you
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    I just did exactly what you are after
    very satisfying

    plenty on ebay
    make sure you get a one piece rough shape, two piece is a disaster waiting to happen
    shouldn't cost more than 10-12 or they are taking the piss
    likewise for a seasoned stick, 5-8 tops,

    my effort is on another thread:!!

    next one will be a ram horn and then a piece of burr elm

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    Thanks for the replies the only one on evilbay that is one peice and anything like what I want is 24.30 but that doesn't have the turn out.

    TH thanks for the offer, if I can't get what I'm after I'll give you a shout



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    Still cant find one that has the turn out.

    ​Thanks Bewsher500 had a look, most are 2 piece but will Keep an eye on one to see what price it's at near the end


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    Why not get a blank from The Stick Man and do the out-turn yourself using a heat gun and clamps?

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