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Thread: Mini HDVR kit

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    Mini HDVR kit

    Hi got a mini HDVR recorder and camera, camera, recorder 720 hd 1x batery mains charger and mount the same as this kit minus car charger my mate has one and uses it to record from his NS50 night site£80 posted 32GB mini sd card included
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    Hi Shaun,will this connect straight to my dfa75 do you know buddy

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    hi sorry for the late reply been away for the weekend. I am not familiar with the type of socket on the pulsar but cannot see any reason why not its just an MPR like the yukon ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyR View Post
    I will take it.
    sold to the man above pending the usual

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    i'v got an mpr yukon one and this looks the same unit. the plugs are just jack type both end so i made mine from parts from maplins.the other lead is mini firewire and norm pc plugin sd the other end .ps: mine was £190 without the mini cam .iwas just going to say yes i'll have it but i see Mr r has it LOL
    if the LEAD is wrong , AnthonyR i'v prob got another from my old n550 i snozzz and i lost

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