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Thread: RSPCA access to firearms licensing information - email your chief constable

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    RSPCA access to firearms licensing information - email your chief constable

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    Let's face it, ACPO is selling access to data for profit. It is data that is collected at public expense, and then sold for gain by ACPO, which is a private limited company and itself beyond the reach of FOI legislation, just as is the RSPCA. Just as the RSPCA dress up and seemingly create an impression of being state officials in their uniforms, so does the chairman of ACPO, a retired copper who parades in a uniform giving the impression that he is a serving police officer.

    You will have to write to individual chief constables, or P&CC's. They have some public accountability, but there is no P&CC above ACPO. Hence no public accountability by ACPO.
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    A bit concerning as the RSPCA could in turn pass the details onto others putting not only FAC / Shot Gun holders at person risk but increasing the chances of firearms falling into the hands of criminals who will know who to target.

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    Absolutely disgusting! I'm glad to see Wiltshire Police arnt involved, but feel for those that fall under authorities that are. When you give all your details to the Police of all people you don't expect them to sell it on!

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    It looks like a Data Protection Act 1998 issue.
    What does the basc legal department have to say about it?.

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    Outrageous , how long before some "anti" posts a list of names and address`s of firearms owners along with gun types in their possession ? then followed by houses being raided by crooks stealing to order !!! you couldn't make it up !!

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    If true this is seriously worrying.

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    Isn't this pure speculation at the moment?

    ie no one knows if firearms information is shared

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    Anybody actually read the ACPO statement.
    What it states is that if any of the Non Police Prosecuting Agencies take a case to court then they notify the ACPO and pay £35 to have a PNC record created with regard to the individual being prosecuted.
    Information INTO the system, nothing coming OUT. It is an update to the PNC.

    NPPA are;

    •Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
    •Civil Aviation Authority
    •Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority
    •Environment Agency
    •Food Standards Agency
    •Gambling Commission
    •Maritime and Coastguard Agency
    •Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
    •Middlesborough Borough Council
    •Office of Rail Regulation
    •Security Industry Authority
    •Natural Resources Wales

    It means that prosecutions for recordable offences are put on the PNC.


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    We are well aware that the RSPCA carries out vendettas. What we have here is a statement that police aid and abet these vendettas for payment. Take the hunting issue that caused such a stushie. How much did the police receive to supply information in an unjustified prosecution?

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