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Thread: Garlands tonight

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    Garlands tonight

    Guys I'm up in tamworth working gonna be popping over to there shop this aft
    gonna be shooting a couple of rounds of clays from 5 oco'clock anybody
    up here wants to meet up for a round or a coffe ill see you there
    you can't miss me short fat bloke with a green Blaser R 8 hat on
    ​regards pete

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    are you up this weekend too Pete? its catton park rifle shoot on sunday

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy View Post
    are you up this weekend too Pete? its catton park rifle shoot on sunday
    Not sure about Sunday yet mate .
    think ill slip down to Northampton sat they got 100 all round on

    Cant believe you haven't slipped one in about short fat blokes
    or could that be because a certain apple tree in somerset is bursting with fat juicy apples
    ready for some of kimbo s famous pies
    ​regards pete

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    hahaha the thought never crossed my mind sir!! I wouldn't dream of mentioning it until the birds have all gone anyway .

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