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Thread: Top tip dont buy 6ft tree tubes for deer !

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    Top tip dont buy 6ft tree tubes for deer !

    If you are thinking of planting trees with red deer in the vicinity and you are recommended the 6ft designed for them from the manufacturer forget it THEY DONT WORK !

    Had a load pulled over mostly wild cherry which were just emerging , looks to me they have reared up to grab the stem then pulled the tube over up to where the cable tie attaches to the stake.

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    me and my mate watched a fallow pricket last season just over our boundary lower his head, hook his spikes under the tree tubes then lift his head quickly removing the tube high enough to browse the fresh growth he did this about ten times while we watched. looking at the planting this year theres about an acres worth of tubes scattered around so i guess hes back time to go and knock on the neighbours door I think..

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