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Thread: Mrs Norma's pencil sketch of my DSC2 stalk

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    Mrs Norma's pencil sketch of my DSC2 stalk

    Many thanks to Mrs Norma who has just sent me through a pencil sketch of my final DSC2 stalk. As you can imagine taking photos of one's self whilst out stalking can be pretty difficult but a few rough sketches from me, plus some rambling words about what I wanted from the pic and Mrs Norma has pretty much captured the moment perfectly... a rare opportunity to take a prone shot in Norfolk!

    (okay, so the muntjac were neither 15m away (they were 130m) nor monsters so we played with the perspective slightly, but I love it)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you Mrs Norma

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    That really is something special, you will cherish it forever.

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    Worth a 1000 digital images


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    Looks spot on to me mate. I'll give you a call over the next few days. Best wishes, Glyn

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    Something for life there feller mrs n has done a fine drawing for you to look back on To Mrs N

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    That’s fantastic a friend captured a stalking scene for me in icing and fruit cake.
    Ohhhhhh well its the thought that counts.Click image for larger version. 

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